Monday, 4 April 2011


My sickly darlings...

With apologies for being neglectful, I bring you free comicbook nastiness.

Below is the complete, self-contained and oh-so-very creator owned short story "IN FETU", drawn by the magnificent Chris Mitten and written by Yours Truly. It was first published by Dark Horse Comics, and saw print in Myspace Dark Horse Presents Volume 6.

Click images to embiggen, and let me know your thoughts.

Some backmatter:

Our mission was, simply, to create an 8-page comic which could successfully Unnerve the reader. That's a stranger and more complicated task than you might think. Fear doesn't work the way you expect it to, on the comicbook page. For any fellow writerly types, or just anyone with too much time on their hands, I did an interview about the whole thing - overanalytical thought process and all - for the guys at Comic Monsters.

And that's all I got. More soon.


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