Friday, 22 July 2011

A SERPENT UNCOILED: News and Reviews

As we swiftly approach the launch date, here’s a roundup of news regarding A Serpent Uncoiled.

The novel doesn’t technically launch until August 4th, but I’m doing an exclusive signing event at Forbidden Planet in London the night before. That’s Wednesday August 3rd, 6-7pm.

I’d dearly love to deface a copy of my baby Just For You. Come say hi.

(Note: There will almost certainly be pub-action afterwards, boozefans.)


As is the way of these things, a whole bunch of Early Reader copies of A.S.U. were sent out to reviewers, journos and similar notable-types over the past month. Positive testimonials are the single most valuable marketing tool a writer has – just Eff-Why-Aye – so next time you’re on a crowded train a bit of high-volume blethering about this great book I just read wouldn’t go amiss.

To date, all the reviews I’ve received have been very positive. Bordering on the Stunningly Great, in fact. I’m still grimly awaiting the proverbial Other Shoe, but in the mean time here’s a few of the tasty goods:

>Quoth The Fantastical Librarian:
“A Serpent Uncoiled is a great book, not for the faint of heart, but very much recommended.” (Full review here.)

“With gargantuan literary flourishes, Spurrier evidently likes to roll his words around his mouth to test if they taste right before spitting them out onto the page. What you get are flashes of brilliance sodden by great gobs of wry humour.” (Full review here.)

>Quoth WarpCoreSF:
“…his London is black and desperate, shot through with unexpected flashes of brilliant colour… his dry humour and unique voice make Shaper's London dark and fascinating.” (Full review here.)

>Quoth Pornokitsch:
“A Serpent Uncoiled is a book about a man on the edge - of society, of self-destruction and of reality - but not over it. With it, Mr. Spurrier proves he's on the edge as well, taking the step from a promising talent to a great writer.” (Full review here.)

Another handy tool in the self-plugging shillbagging bastard’s kit is the “Guest Writer” slot. Essays, articles, blog posts: by saturating such things with a gravity-distorting mass of wit and insight – ha! – the plucky writer accesses new brains, and aims to persuade them that his most recent novel must be at least as splendid. And then BATHES IN MONEY.

I’ve written several of the things in the lead-up to A Serpent Uncoiled’s release. The first, pithily titled “Crime: An Irrational Rationale”, features on the brilliant Milo Rambles website. I’ll let you know as the others trickle out.

Not strictly about A.S.U., but I’ve just heard its weird-crime predecessor Contract – my first “proper” novel – is being released as an E-Book today. The Times called it a “tour de force", so you’d be crazy to miss a chance to test the tastes of News International. TOPICAL SALES PITCH NEVER FAILS.

More news as it comes.

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